Mojito Recipe

 The real mojito recipe | recipe of mojito drinks 

The real mojito recipe | recipe of mojito drinks step by step .This is an authentic recipe for mojito. I sized the recipe for one serving, but you can adjust it accordingly and make a pitcher full. It's a very refreshing drink for hot summer days. Be careful when drinking it, however. If you make a pitcher you might be tempted to drink the whole thing yourself, and you just might find yourself talking Spanish in no time!

Mojito recipe

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Timemins
Total Time10 mins


juice of 1 lime
1 tsp granulated sugar
small handful mint leaves, plus extra sprig to serve
60ml white rum
soda water, to taste


Step 1: 
Muddle the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves in a small jug, crushing the mint as you go – you can use the end of a rolling pin for this. Pour into a tall glass and add a handful of ice.

Step 2: 
Pour over the rum, stirring with a long-handled spoon. Top off the glass with soda water, then garnish with mint and serve.


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