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 Fruit cocktail recipe | fresh fruit cocktails for summer | fruit salad

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Fruit cocktail recipe | fresh fruit cocktails for summer | fruit salad Fruit salad with an amazing healthy fruit salad dish made with a selection of fruits and creamy yoghurt. Fruit cocktail recipe. Fresh fruit cocktails for summer. It offers a distinctive substitute for boring old wheat bix or perhaps for corn flakes with fruit and milk. It is a nutritious and full cuisine that offers all the necessary nutrients and health advantages, making it a complete meal.

fruit cocktail recipe | fresh fruit cocktails for summer | fruit salad step by step recipe. Fruit salad Cocktails are generally made with a variety of drinks, including alcohol. however, it can be created with a variety of items, including ice cream, fruits, and drinks. Fruit cocktail is one such variation recipe, which is essentially made with a mixture of various tropical fruits and creamy yoghurt.

fruit cocktail recipe

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time10 mins
Servings Servings


▢½ cup cream
▢1 cup hung curd / greek yogurt
▢1 tsp vanilla extract
▢2 tbsp rooh afza
▢4 tbsp mango (chopped)
▢2 tbsp pomegranate
▢2 tbsp grapes (chopped)
▢1 tbsp honey
▢2 tbsp strawberry (chopped)
▢2 tbsp orange (chopped)
▢2 tbsp apple (chopped)
▢2 tbsp banana (chopped)
▢2 tbsp dry fruits (chopped)
▢1 cherry (for garnishing)


Step 1: First, pour 1/2 cup of cream into a bowl. use whipped cream or heavy cream.

Step 2: 2 minutes should be beat, or until the gentle peaks appear.

Step 3: Add 1 cup of hanging curd and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract as well. Greek yoghurt is an alternative that you have.

Step 4: Beat the ingredients continuously until it becomes creamy.

Step 5: A smooth yoghurt mixture is prepared. Put it in the fridge to keep it cold.

Step 6: To serve, put 2 tbsp of rooh afza in a large glass. Sabja seeds or jelly are other options.

Step 7: Fruits and the creamy yoghurt mixture should now be layered.

Step 8: Add 1 tablespoon of honey as well for sweetness.

Step 9: Add 2 tbsp of dry fruit on top.

Step 10: Cherry and rooh afza are used as garnish.

Step 11: he chilled serving of the creamy fruit cocktail is now ready.


First, add your preferred fruits to make it more nutrient-dense.
Additionally, you can add sugar or extra honey if you want the dish to be sweeter.
Additionally, use thick curd to create a rich, creamy dessert.
Finally, the fruit cocktail recipe keeps well in the refrigerator for three days.

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